Elevate Your Style: Top Women's Shapewear Trends

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Shaper dress

Do you know? Shapewear can give you a new look and enhance your style. As times change, the development of shapewear is closely connected with our lives, and we need some trend breaking shapewear to make us feel better. So, get ready! Because there are so many beautiful pieces that will allow you to dress for the most different times of the year.

Therefore, any choice you make is very important. You need to follow the fashion trend to choose the top shapewear to make you feel more perfect. Popilush keeps up with the fashion trend and designs shapewear that is suitable for daily life and various occasions. It is a woman The top trends in fashion. Let's take a look at the fashion items you will like!


The Built-In Shapewear Wide Straps Mini Lounge Dress is an excellent shaper dress for the most varied occasions and also has the benefit of having a double layer of fabric that ends up not showing too much and helps in the definition of hips, waist and abdomen.

It is a dress that has four colors available and six sizes that suit the most varied body types. In addition, it also has a side slit that makes your style even more beautiful and following some trends that attract a lot of attention today.

Another ideal point is that this dress allows for the creation of several looks, because as it is a shorter dress you can combine it with other pieces such as a jacket or even a wider blouse on top and give that more everyday look to the outfit.

In the case of parties and other events that need a more charming look, you can use and abuse jewelry and semi jewelry, as well as other accessories to compose your composition.

Bodysuit shapewear

The Square Neck Thong Bodysuits are also great slimming bodysuit that allow you to wear them all day. The fabric is very comfortable and is very similar to those used by pieces to go to the gym.

So, in addition to having excellent quality, it also helps you define your waist, abdomen and, in the case of long sleeves, your arms. In addition, they are available in four colors that, in addition to being wonderful, are more basic, thus facilitating the combination to create looks.

You can simply put on a pair of pants, shorts, a skirt or even leggings and put on the complete look. In addition to being able to also use and abuse jewelry to make your look even more striking.

They also have a system that helps you open them when you need to remove them, so it's an excellent choice to have in your closet.

Shapewear dress

The Built-In Shapewear Slip Maxi Lounge Dress is also a great shapewear dress that matches the most varied occasions and has a fabric that fits the body and shapes both the waist, hips and abdomen.

It has seven colors that match the most varied days and events you need, in addition to being available in eight sizes, one of which is sure to dress you perfectly.

Because it is a more elegant dress, it allows you to create different looks by putting on different shoes and also some accessories that give an even more sophisticated look to the look you want to create.

It is also a dress that has an easy opening and a system that does not make you hot by absorbing the humidity of the environment.
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